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Narendra Modi is a main Indian government official and the present Prime Minister of India. He is known for driving his gathering Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) to a notable win in 2014 decisions. He turned into the primary Indian Prime Minister brought into the world after autonomy. He ascended from a destitution stricken tea-pitching kid to an advancement situated pioneer, in the end turning into the longest-serving boss clergyman of Gujarat for a long time. He turned into a dubious figure after the 2002 Gujarat riots. His administration was blamed for not doing what’s needed to check the mobs. He is a protege of L.K. Advani and is known for running an ethical government through his sharp basic leadership characteristics. Despite the fact that his monetary arrangements have been adulated, he is condemned for neglecting to roll out much positive improvement in the general human advancement in Gujarat. In the wake of expecting the workplace of the Prime Minister, he declared numerous projects and approaches that his administration intends to execute in its 5-year term