PM Modi’s interaction with booth workers from Arakkonam, Cuddalore, Dharmapuri, Erode & Krishnagiri


Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with BJP booth workers from five constituencies, Arakkonam, Cuddalore, Dharmapuri, Erode and Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu today. The interaction began with PM Modi extending Pongal wishes for health, happiness and prosperity to the people of Tamil Nadu.

Responding to rumors about BJP’s alliances with regional parties in Tamil Nadu, PM Modi said that the BJP has always been inspired from the vision of Atal Ji and hence they always cherish their allies. He further said, “A strong NDA is an article of faith for us.”

Appreciating the work done by social media supporters in putting forward the party’s position and views on critical issues on various social media platforms, Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the growing significance of social media these days and said, “We are living in the era of social media. You would have seen yourself, how friends on social media are consistently countering the lies of people and presenting our point of view. I congratulate them for the great work they do.”

Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Modi enumerated a plethora of initiatives in sectors from infrastructure to investment and from the social sector to skill development and described how these projects will go a long way in transforming the lives of people in Tamil Nadu. He further said, “No government has done for Tamil Nadu as much as we have. We are working hard to bring a holistic change in the lives of poor across various sectors.”

Lashing out at the Congress party for seriously compromising on the defence abilities of our armed forces through corrupt deals and sheer mismanagement, PM Modi said, “Not many people know the damage ‘Congress Culture’ did to our defence sector. For decades, they made the defence sector a den of brokers and middlemen…the people behind attacks on our defence procurement are often middlemen from the Congress era and international forces who want to ensure that India’s military doesn’t get stronger.”

Concluding his wide ranging interaction with booth workers, Prime Minister Modi applauded the hard work and efforts of BJP Karyakartas in ensuring a strong and invincible organisation that works for the people first. He added, “The heights that the BJP has reached today are due to the efforts and sacrifices of our Karyakartas. Our yesterday was due to Karyakartas, our today is due to Karyakartas and our tomorrow will be due to Karyakartas.”


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